Friday, February 6, 2009

Man Challenge: Double Down

One of the drinking accomplishments posted elsewhere is the 24 beers in 24 hours. While this is challenging and difficult, it is also very time consuming, plus it has no element of competition with your friends.
Rules of the Game:

The rules are simple. You must drink 2 beers every hour. No catching up if you fall behind. Vomiting is not allowed, is instant disqualification and reduces you to the status of beer bitch for the remaining players. Contest goes on as long as in necessary.

Also, contestants are not allowed to bank beers by drinking ahead! You owe 2 per hour every hour!

Man up Factor: Drink 3 beers every hour instead of 2.

Wimp out Factor: Drinking any kind of Light Beer. Because if you want to just drink water, Plastic Bottles don't break when you drop them.

Materials Needed:

- A few friends (don't have any? feel free to ask us)
- 1 Case of beer per person
- a lot of of free time
- markers to draw on the lightweight who passes out first
- the number for Dominoes, you're probably going to get hungry.

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