Monday, February 16, 2009

Irish Road Head: Daveigh Chase

I know I hear about 95% of you saying 'Who?' Daveigh Chase .... voice of Lilo from Lilo and Stitch .... yeah I didn't watch that either. She played Donnie Darko's sister in Donnie Darko. Still nothing? How about this .... she was the scary chick in The Ring ....

Well now she's an 18 year old hottie who is looking a little better than her Ring days. Her most recent work is the role of Rhonda Volmer in the HBO drama series Big Love. Her future involves revisiting her role as Donnie Darko's sister in the sequel 'S. Darko'

Daveigh is currently rumored to be dating Hilton heir Barron Hilton II little-brother of Paris Hilton.


Danny said...

Already ahead of ya...her future is very bright. Why do the Hiltons have to ruin everything though?

Irish Road said...

Well let's not say that this Hilton is ruining her until we see her doing line's of coke in Club Pure with Lindsay Lohan. Although I did cringe when I saw a Hilton was her boyfriend ... But maybe she'll be an exception to the Hilton rule.